All support services of the Printbox system, such as scanning, archiving, file uploading, use of Printbox tools, etc. are completely free. You only pay for printing or sending scanned files out of Printbox system (sending scanned files to email or USB key).

Use of Printbox services is based on a prepaid system. If you do not have Printbox credits in your Printbox user account, you need to buy a corresponding number of Printbox credits before printing.

The payment unit for Printbox services is a Printbox credit. 1 Printbox credit = 1 colour or black-and-white page. 1 Printbox credit enables you also to send 1 scanned page outside Printbox system (to your email or USB key).

After the money is inserted into a Printbox kiosk, it is converted to a corresponding quantity of Printbox credits, according to the applicable price list. A higher advance payment can get bigger discount.

Payments up to 3€
0.75 €   / page
  • up to 5 credits
Payments over 3€
0.50 €   / page
  • between 6 and 39 credits
Payments over 14€
0.35 €   / page
  • between 40 and 199 credits
Payments over 40€
0.20 €   / page
  • 200 and more credits

  • Printbox kiosks offer the same price for black-and-white and colour printing.
  • The price depends on the amount of single payment.
  • The price per Printbox credit is calculated upon payment during a single login.
  • 1 Printbox credit = print 1 colour or black-and-white page.
  • 1 Printbox credit = send 1 scanned (color or black-and-white) page to email or USB key.
  • Double-sided printing = 2 Printbox credits.
  • Credits purchase can be made at any Printbox machine with all NFC devices or online at with payment cards.

    Payment card
    Smart watch
    Mobile phone
    • The purchased credit is stored in your Printbox user account.
    • You can use the credit whenever you want, there is no time limit.
    • The credit from your user account can be used in any Printbox kiosk in Slovenia.